What should you expect from rubber coatings?

You want your home to look beautiful but also be safe and functional. The flooring you choose can impact these elements and make a difference. Therefore, consider installing rubber coatings on various surfaces to protect them better. Once you learn more about what you should expect from rubber coatings, you can reach out for a free estimate and begin the installation process as soon as possible. 

What is A Rubber Coating?

You can expect durability, comfort, and easy maintenance from rubber coatings. It’s a long-lasting solution that can instantly boost your curb appeal or the look and feel of your property. It will give your surfaces and home a clean and modern look keeping you and your loved ones safe even if it gets wet or is in direct sunlight.

These coatings also come in attractive colours that can be customized to your surface surroundings, ensuring you always get the perfect end look. The material can be tailored to fit almost any surface imaginable, from pool decks and garages to driveways and walkways. It’s an investment you won’t regret, will save you time and money, and can even prevent injury. 

What are the Benefits of Rubber Coating?

Here are some reasons why they are the top flooring choice and the qualities rubber coatings have to offer.

Life Expectancy

Rubber coatings are surface types that only require a little maintenance overall. The best part is that rubber coatings have a long life expectancy and will last you over the years. The product’s expected life duration is 10-15 years un-maintained. With sealing and maintenance, it will remain in top condition for a life expectancy of around 25-35 years. Here at Rubacrete, we even offer a 10-year warranty on our products.


Not only will it last a long time with little effort, but this solution is also very durable. Regarding durability, there’s not much that rubber coatings can’t handle. For example, you can have vehicle traffic on it and commercial snow removal without worry. Need to shovel or salt? That’s also no problem at all. It’s a material and flooring that holds up over time and that you can depend on. 


One reason to choose rubber coatings is that it is very comfortable to walk on. It’s soft to the touch and under your feet, and an impact-dampening feature helps prevent slips and falls. Therefore, it can be ideal for installing around a pool or in your garage. It will perform well in all areas that get a lot of traffic.

It will also keep about 20 degrees cooler than concrete on those hot sunny days since it doesn’t conduct heat in the sun. Once again, making it the perfect flooring for a patio, pool deck, or playground area. Also, think about using it for your driveway or walkways at your home, which can quickly heat up in the sun.

Cost Effective

If and when it’s time to replace concrete or asphalt, turn to us for a more affordable option. Rubacrete is a much cheaper solution that will provide a superior product and where you will avoid running into the same issues down the road as time goes on. The best part is that it’s a cost-effective flooring solution for your home.

Fast Install

Another important matter to consider is the installation process and timing. The good news is that rubber coatings are fast to install, and we will always get the job done quickly and right. As a homeowner, you don’t have much extra time to waste and don’t want your home to be out of sorts or torn up for an extended period. 

Generally speaking, we offer you one-day installs with a 24-hr dry time. This will put you back on your surface within 48-72 hours of our arrival. This solution and installation process compares to waiting a week or even weeks that excavation and pouring will require. It’s yet another reason to choose rubber coatings for the surfaces in and around your home.

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