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Top 5 Reasons For Choosing A Rubber Deck Surface

Rubber is a perfect material for concrete and decking. Here are the top reasons you should choose a Rubacrete rubber deck surface over other materials.

Rubber Coatings Are Slip Resistant

Rubber coatings provide a non-slip surface, making them ideal for patios and decks, especially in areas prone to rain or wet conditions. 

Rubber Deck Surface on house deck

Rubber deck surface coatings can reduce tripping and slipping on decks and walkways, making them ideal for areas with children or pets. 

Rubber deck coatings also prevent damage to wood surfaces, as they don’t absorb moisture like other materials. A rubber coating will help your deck last longer than expected by protecting it from rot and decay caused by water damage.

They Are Durable

Rubber coatings are extremely durable and can resist heavy foot traffic, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions, making them an excellent choice for outdoor spaces.

Rubber decking can be used in any setting where a durable, long-lasting surface is needed. 

Like other decking materials, rubber deck surfaces are designed to withstand the elements and give you years of trouble-free use. 

These coatings are also resistant to UV rays from the sun and moisture from rain or snowfall, showing no signs of wear or tear even after many years have passed since installation occurred.

Rubber Surfaces Are Easy to Clean

Rubber deck surface coatings are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a simple mop or hose down to keep them looking great. 

If you’re looking for a deck surface that’s easy to clean and maintain, rubber is the way to go. It requires no special treatment or maintenance after installation—give it a good scrubbing with soap and water and rinse off all excess residue.

Comfortable Walking On

One of the top reasons to choose a rubber deck surface is its comfort. Rubber coatings provide a comfortable surface to walk on, reducing the stress on your feet and joints, making it an ideal choice for those with joint pain or foot problems.

Wide Color Selection

Rubber Deck Surface Slate

Rubber decks come in different colors, allowing you to customize your patio’s look to suit your style and preferences. You can choose the best option for your deck among the premises we have or use our color mixer tool to create your unique combination.

Now, let’s compare Rubacrete rubber to other decking options.

Wood Decks

Wood decking might look beautiful, but it requires a lot of upkeep. It must be stained every other year to keep it looking great, which can be expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, Rubber decking’s color lasts for years without any maintenance, allowing you to spend time doing other things!

Composite Decks

Direct sunlight can cause composite deck boards to get extremely hot and become an uncomfortable area. Rubacrete rubber coatings do not conduct heat, making your area much more enjoyable!

Warping can cause your deck to buckle and warp, which makes it challenging to maintain and could even pose a safety hazard. Rubber decks do not warp or buckle like composite decks when exposed to heat and humidity.


Rubacrete rubber deck surface is the perfect choice for your deck. It is slip-resistant, durable, easy to clean, comfortable to walk on, and comes in various colors and textures. It is a superior choice to wood and composite decking, which require more maintenance and are less durable. Choose Rubacrete rubber for a long-lasting, hassle-free, and stylish deck surface. Contact us today to get started.

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