Deck Resurfacing

deck and patio resurfacingLooking to add a dash of style, safety, and durability to your outdoor spaces? At Rubacrete, we provide top-notch solutions for deck and patio resurfacing. As with all our services, we do everything we can to ensure that your decks and patios not only look good but are safe and low maintenance as well.

Product Overview

Our deck and patio resurfacing products have been expertly designed with a unique mix of EPDM rubber granules or 100% recycled tires, combined with a high-quality binding agent that is able to withstand Canada’s diverse weather conditions. If you want a rubber surface that will endure over the years, offering a visually appealing touch to your property, Rubacrete has the solution for you.

Our Process

The transformation of your deck or patio begins with careful surface preparation. We work hard to eliminate loose materials, clean the area, and ensure the existing surface is ready for our unique Rubacrete treatment. Then, our experts apply the mix by hand and trowel it into place, creating a flawless, even, and durable surface that enhances the appeal of your outdoor living space. 

Benefits of Rubacrete Resurfacing

Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

Deck and patio resurfacing with Rubacrete can revitalise your outdoor living space. Opt for a customizable finish to turn an old, worn-out deck or patio into a modern and stylish surface. This not only amplifies your home’s aesthetic value but also increases its resale value.

Extending Lifespan

Rubacrete resurfacing can significantly extend the life of your deck or patio by several years. Any damage, such as cracks or chips in the current surface, is repaired, and the surface is restored. This, in turn, helps you save money on costly replacements over the years.

Safety Enhancement

Our rubber coatings are designed to provide a safer environment. A smooth, even surface can help prevent accidents, such as slips and falls, especially when wet. Moreover, our slip-resistant rubber coating can provide added safety for spaces like decks and patios that are often exposed to the elements.

Easy Maintenance 

Resurfaced decks and patios are incredibly easy to maintain. Regular cleaning is all that’s needed, helping you avoid pricey repairs or replacements in the long run.


Choosing to resurface, instead of replacing, reduces waste, contributing to a greener environment. Our use of 100% recycled tires in our product further enhances this sustainable approach.


Just like with our other resurfacing solutions, our deck and patio services offer a wide range of color choices. This allows you to create a unique look that suits your home and style, setting your property apart from the rest in the best possible way.

Why Choose Us?

Rubacrete is superior to traditional surfacing products, which can present a host of issues, including cracks and poor temperature tolerance. With our rubber resurfacing, you get a durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solution, perfect for your decks and patios.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in having your deck or patio resurfaced with our premium rubber coating, contact us today. Add a touch of elegance, safety, and durability to your outdoor spaces with Rubacrete’s top-quality resurfacing solutions.

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