Commercial Resurfacing

Your business premises are your customers’ first exposure to your business so you must make a good impression before they step through the door. A business with worn-out surfaces makes it seem like you don’t care, and there are additional safety issues you must be wary of that could harm customers or damage their vehicles.
The solution to this is commercial resurfacing and you need look no further than Rubacrete for all your resurfacing needs. Our innovative rubber coating approach is one of the most effective and durable solutions available, and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Our Process

Our rubber resurfacing has been perfected over the years to ensure the highest quality and guarantee satisfactory results for all of our clients.
We use a blend of EPDM rubber granules or 100% recycled tires combined with a binding agent that ensures longevity even during the harsh Canadian winters. Our process begins by preparing the solution and mixing and applying it by hand before being trowelled to perfection. And the result? A weather-resistant and durable surface that impresses your customers, employees, and many more

The Benefits of Using Rubacrete

Want to learn more about the benefits of Rubacrete? Check out why our process and product are so effective!

Improved Appearance

The Rubractrete rubber surface technique immediately improves any environment as a business owner, we know you want your workplace to stand out from the crowd. But, traditional concrete surfacing lacks the appeal and style of modern solutions. With our rubber surfacing process, we promise an improved appearance for your business and its premises.

Longer Lifespan

Traditional concrete is also more prone to damage, especially if you receive shipments from heavy vehicles like 18-wheelers, trucks, and more. Our durable solution is guaranteed to last a lifetime (and longer). The exceptional durability means there is less risk of cracks, damage, and splits, which keeps the surface pristine and prevents potential damage to cars.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike traditional concrete, which can be expensive to repair and replace, our rubber surface solution guarantees reliable and straightforward maintenance. This means you can stay on top of your premises’ appearance by cleaning it regularly. The quality of the solution will do the rest for you.

Safety Benefits

Rubber resurfacing is safer than harsh concrete that becomes hazardous over time. A rubber surface means less chance of cracks and potholes, which will prevent trips, slips, and falls, especially during the colder months.

Environmentally Friendly

Emphasizing eco-friendly solutions is vital for all businesses. With this in mind, you have even more reason to choose rubber resurfacing. It lasts longer and you can reuse the surface during the upgrade to minimize the number of materials discarded in a landfill.


Finally, our process is entirely customizable and available in a broad selection of colors that will match your business and brand to ensure you can achieve a look that works for you.

Why Choose Us

Unlike traditional surfacing, we can provide dependable and durable solutions for everyday problems you could encounter. With our innovative approach, you’re guaranteed exceptional results every time.

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