About Us


About Us

Rubacrete is run by two brothers with hundreds of jobs of experience, having served the Ottawa area for over 7 years in the rubber coating industry. We are confident in giving you a one-time solution that will last and leave you headache-free for years to come. Rubacrete combines 100% synthetic EPDM rubber granules with high tech polymer resin which creates a resilient, non-skid surface that is virtually indestructible. These coatings protect your surfaces while giving a clean, modern look. Whether it's a brand-new surface, old cracking concrete/asphalt, sunken interlock or slabs around the pool, our wet poured and troweled in-place rubber granules will fill in the voids and bring you back to a flush surface that will add curb appeal and last 10+ years. Canadian’s have been enjoying the benefits of rubber coatings for over 30 years, with original jobs still down today.


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